Interacting with CMS Snippets: Adding, inputting, deleting

Once you have inserted a Snippet into the CMS editor, you will be viewing the item under development as a "table transform". This means it will appear as a table during the editing process and you will be able to input necessary information into the rows and columns. 

Example Snippet Under Development:

Once you have saved and are previewing your web page, the table will transform into the specific item you wish to create, such as a video, image with caption, or otherwise.

Example Snippet Once Saved:


Adding a Snippet

In most cases, if you intend to add content to your web page in addition to what is covered in the Snippet, it is best to add it before inserting the Snippet content. Add all of your textual content, then add your Snippet in a desired location by clicking into the text where you wish to place a Snippet. Next use the Snippet tool to select your Snippet.


Follow the item-specific instructions as you create your Snippets. White rows and columns indicate an in-put field and descriptions or instructions will follow each field.

Do not delete columns or rows unless otherwise indicated in the instructions or else the table may not properly render on the live version of your page. If you accidentally delete a row or column, you will need to delete the entire existing Snippet and reinsert it.


Adding Rows

In many cases you may wish to add input fields. Perhaps you would like to create a series of five images with captions, but the Snippet for this is preset with four images.

You can easily add rows by clicking into one of the white input rows, then using the Table dropdown from the editor toolbar, as shown below.


Deleting a Snippet

  1. To delete an entire Snippet, click into any of the white input fields.
  2. Next, look for the Path toolbar at the bottom of the editor.

  3. Click the left-most item, "Table." This action will manually select the entire Snippet.
  4. On your keyboard, click backspace or delete.
  5. Your Snippet will be deleted.
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