Table Snippets in the CMS

If you would like to insert a table on your web page, please use one of the two Table Snippets. There are certain HTML precautions that must be met in order to create accessible and mobile-friendly tables on the web, and the preset Table Snippets take care of these precautions for you. 

There are two table styles you can choose from: light header, or dark header with striped content.


To add a table using the Table Snippet:

  1. Open the WYSIWYG Editor.
  2. Click the Snippet icon.

  3. Locate the Table Snippet by searching under the Content Pieces category and selecting either Table (Light header) or Table (Dark header, striped).
  4. A table transform will appear in the WYSIWYG Editor.

  5. Click into each field to select and replace the placeholder text. Every table needs a Table Caption or title so please remember this field.
  6. You may add or delete rows as needed by using the table toolbar.

  7. Once you have finished editing your web page, save and preview to ensure your Snippet has rendered correctly.
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