Image with Description Snippets in the CMS

The Image with Description Snippet allows you to insert any number of photos, each accompanied by a description oriented to the right-hand side of the image.


To use the Image with Description Snippet:

  1. Open the CMS Editor.
  2. Click the Snippet icon.

  3. Locate the Image with Description Snippet by searching under the Content Pieces category.
  4. Once you have made your selection click Insert.
  5. A table transform will appear in the CMS Editor.

  6. Click into each field to select and replace the placeholder text.
  7. To add an image click on the placeholder image and click the Insert/Edit Image icon. addimageicon.PNG
    For further help adding images, please visit How do I add an image to my web page?.
  8. You may add or delete rows as needed by using the table tools.

  9. Once you have finished editing your web page, save and preview to ensure your Snippet has rendered correctly.
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