The Sidebar Navigation Snippet in the CMS

By default your web pages will contain sidebar navigation corresponding to the main website shell. However, you can customize the sidebar navigation specific to a site section.

  1. Navigate to the site section for the page you will be editing.
  2. Click on the control file
  3. Make sure you check out the page. checkedout.PNG
  4. Insert the Sidebar Navigation Snippet by clicking on the Snippet tool and searching for Sidebar Navigation Snippet.

  5. Replace the placeholder text by clicking on each line. Please be aware the text in this file has been formatted to appear correctly on a computer monitor as well as on a phone. Do not make changes to the text formatting. It will appear something like this:

  6. The first bullet in the list, in the above example "Site Name," is the home button for your site. You may rename it but please do not delete this field. It is the only obvious way for a mobile user to return to your home page. To change the text for any of the bullets, simply click into the word and delete and/or type as you would in any word processor.
  7. Once you have finished working with the text of the sidebar, it is time to include links. This should be done after all your other pages have been created that way your sidebar navigation can have items to link to. Please note that a top-level item that functions as an expander should not contain a link. In the above example, this applies to "Future Students." For help creating links, visit How do I add a link?.
  8. When you have finished editing your sidebar navigation, save and preview the page to ensure your Snippet has rendered correctly.
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