Getting Started with KaratEmail

To begin receiving form submissions from KaratEmail, submit a request. When you submit your request, please also list the names of anyone else who needs access to the form in KaratEmail. If you have already been granted access, you can sign in to the KaratEmail Control Panel and manage and/or download form submissions. 


KaratEmail Interface

The KaratEmail landing page is comprised of the top navigation bar, the form search bar, and a list of your forms.


Top Navigation Bar

The top navigation bar contain the KaratEmail home button, as well as a link to the User-Form Access. Clicking on the KaratEmail home button will bring you to the landing page, which displays a list of your forms. The User-Form Access button will allow you to manage who can access your forms.

You can also use the top navigation bar to access the KaratEmail Help Center, as well as edit your profile.


Viewing Your Forms

Below the navigation bar you will find the form search bar and a list of all your forms. Forms are searchable by ID, Subject/Title, or Recipient.

Your forms will appear as a list, displaying who can access the form, the form's title/subject, where the form is located in the CMS, the number and status of submissions, and the date of the last submission.

To view a form, click the View Form button to the left.

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