Managing KaratEmail Users on a Form

When you submit a request for access to a form through KaratEmail, please also list the names of anyone else who needs access to the form. If you made your request and later realize another individual needs access to the form, don't worry. Once you have access to a form, you can manage other users on the form as well. 

Anyone with a NetID and password can log in to KaratEmail, but before you can give a user access to one of your forms, he or she will need to log in to the system for the first time.


Adding a user to a form

  1. Log in to KaratEmail.
  2. From the top navigation bar click User-Form Access.

  3. You will be taken to the User Manager.

  4. Begin by searching for your user.

  5. Next select the form you would like to give the user access to.

  6. Click Update Form Privileges.


Please note: You may only grant access to those forms to which you have access yourself. Also, you cannot remove access to a form. If you need to remove a user to a form, please submit a request.


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