How do I clear my browser's cache? Why would I need to do that?

"Do I need to clear my cache? Cookies? What does this all even mean?"

We understand. We deal with this problem nearly every day.

Reasons you might need to clear your cache:

  • "I can't login to one of the web apps!" (COPE, Appointment Scheduler, etc.)
  • "I'm not seeing the changes I've made in the CMS to the live pages of my website." More on not seeing changes over here, too.
  • "This isn't working on this app - it looks like I'm not making any changes."

1. First, try a keyboard shortcut to request a full download of the webpage.

While viewing the page you wish to refresh

  • First, try ctrl + shift + r (all at the same time), or
  • Next, try ctrl + F5. If those don't work...

2. Next, do a full cache clear in your browser. Here are links to instructions to clear your cache per each browser.

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