.pcf vs .html and what it all really means

When you're editing your site within the CMS, you notice at some point that while you are editing a .pcf file (index.pcf, for example) the actual website ends up with a suffix of .html (index.html, for example.)

You haven't done anything wrong. In fact, you have succeeded.


  1. .pcf is the editable version of your webpage
  2. .html is the live, published version of your webpage.

Since our CMS is a "push CMS", it acts like a printing press. Consider the .pcf file as your "printing plate" where you arrange your letters, images, etc and prepare to actually apply ink and press it to paper. The process of pressing it to paper is when you hit the green "Publish" button. The "paper" version of your webpage is the .html version that has now been "pushed" to the live server.

Let us know if you have any questions about this.

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