How to Format your Megamenu (or Horizontal Navigation Menu)

On some of the CMS home pages, you may have a navigation menu which appears horizontally across the top of your website. We call this the "Megamenu". While some of these are only editable by the Web & Digital team (usually these are high-level College pages) most are editable by you, and are really easy to edit. 

Below in the image, you'll see what a Megamenu looks like on a College of Engineering Department page.


First, let's go over the Megamenu limitations

  1. The Megamenu options allow you to add up to five (not more than five) items in a top-menu on the site.
  2. It won't allow you to add dropdowns either. This will keep your page in line with our MSU-wide styles and methods.
  3. Megamenus are only for the homepage of your site. For the others you'll still utilize and edit your side navigation file (

How do I get a Megamenu on my site?

You will need to Submit a Support Request with us at Web & Digital. Tell us where to find your website and why you would like a Megamenu. We will then help you decide if a Megamenu is right for you and help you implement it on your site.

How do I edit my Megamenu?

  1. First, you'll need to login to the CMS and be viewing the "Pages" view of the site section containing the page with your Megamenu.
  2. You should see a file called, "_megamenu.pcf." Click on that to edit. (If you see one called "", please submit a Support Request with us at Web & Digital as we need to edit it for you.)
  3. Now, you'll see a view of just your megamenu, and at the top you'll see an orange "MultiEdit" button. Click on it.
  4. Next, you'll see all 5 of the potential Megamenu links. You can change what the text and location of the links here. We highly recommend you use the Browse button (it looks like this: browse.png ) when creating your links so you utilize the Dependency Manager tags (they look like this: {{a:29567}} ).
  5. When you're ready, Save and Publish this file, and then republish the page it appears on, and you'll see your changes!


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