What data do faculty profile pages pull from Activity Insight?

Your faculty profile is intended to be a summary of your work as MSU faculty.  It automatically pulls the most current faculty data from Activity Insight, refreshing nightly.  The same information is used to build departmental and college-level faculty directories. 

Sample Faculty Profile Page

View the sample faculty profile page here.

By default, your profile pulls data chronologically from the following Activity Insight sections:

  • General Information
    • Personal & Contact Information
    • Awards & Honors
    • Education
    • Appointment Data - Yearly
    • Administrative Assignments
    • Web Profile
  • Teaching / Scheduled Teaching
  • Research, Creativity & Technology Transfer
    • Publications/Intellectual Contributions
    • Artistic & Creative Activities
    • Grants & Sponsored Research, Contracts, Fellowships
  • Engagement, Outreach, and Service
    • Professional
    • Public

You have full control over the data presented using the Web Profile screen - follow this link to find out how to use the Web Profile screen to control the data displayed on your web directory and web profile page.




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