What data do faculty profile pages pull from Watermark Faculty Success?

Your faculty profile is intended to be a summary of your work as MSU faculty.  It automatically pulls the most current faculty data from Watermark Faculty Success, refreshing nightly.  The same information is used to build departmental and college-level faculty directories. 

Sample Faculty Profile Page

View the sample faculty profile page here - it details exactly what data fields are being pulled from Watermark, and where they are utilized in your profile page.

By default, your profile will automatically pull data from the following Watermark Faculty Success sections (and display them in chronological order):

General Information

  • Personal & Contact Information
  • Awards & Honors - up to 5
  • Biography and Expertise
  • Education
  • Appointment Data - Yearly
  • Administrative Assignments
  • Web Profile

Teaching / Scheduled Teaching

  • Your courses - last two years of courses displayed

Research, Creativity & Technology Transfer

  • Publications/Intellectual Contributions - up to 10 with status "published"
  • Artistic & Creative Activities - up to 10
  • Grants & Sponsored Research, Contracts, Fellowships - up to 5 with status "active"

Engagement, Outreach, and Service

  • Professional - up to 5
  • Public - up to 5

You have full control over the data presented using the Web Profile screen -  learn how to use the Web Profile screen to control the data displayed on your web directory and web profile page.




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