How do I update my portrait image on my web directory / profile page?

Note: The individual faculty member must perform the upload task - no other users can be designated with permissions on their behalf.
  1. From the Watermark Faculty Success system, select the Web Profile screen under the General Information section
  2. Click the link labeled "Manage Your Web Profile Photo" at the top of the page

  3. You'll be taken to a login page - use your netID and password credentials

  4. Follow the instructions to upload, crop, and save your new portrait image
  5. After saving, your portrait will immediately display both in your web directory entry and your faculty web profile page.  Note:  You may need to clear your browser cache or perform a hard refresh of the page (CTRL + R) to see the updated image.

The minimum size for uploaded portrait images is 500 x 625 (width x height in pixels).

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