Can I add a custom block of text (or HTML) to my faculty profile page?

We have reserved a space within your faculty profile for a short section of custom text / html.  To add a custom block of text to your faculty profile page, log in to Watermark Faculty Success and visit the "Web Profile" screen under General Information.  Look for the textbox titled "Custom Profile Block":

  1. Enter a Title for your custom block of text
  2. Enter the body text (Custom Block Content). 
  3. Finally, choose where on your profile screen you'd like this custom block to appear. 
  4. When done, save your changes.


Your faculty profile page will be automatically updated within 24 hours - see below for an example of a custom block of content.

Note:  If you know how to write HTML, raw HTML code can be inserted into the Custom Block Content.  Our system allows the following tags: "p,br,h3,a,strong,em,ul,ol, and li".


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