Managing roles of form users in Karatemail2

Each user on a Karatemail2 form has a role assigned to them. This role dictates what they can and can’t do on a form.

There are two roles:

  • Viewers can view submissions and the list of form users.
  • Admins can do everything viewers can as well as manage other users’ roles and add/remove form users.
Table Actions View Submissions Add Users Remove Users Manage Roles View Activity


Changing a user’s role on a form

  1. Open the form in Karatemail2. 
  2. Click on the ‘Users’ tab. 
  3. Find the user whose role you want to change by using the search box. 
  4. Once you find them, click the three dots that are on the right side of the screen directly across from their name to display a menu of actions.
  5. Click on ‘Edit Access’. 
  6. A popup window will be displayed to confirm the change you want to make for that user. 
  7. If everything looks correct, click ‘Accept’.


Q: I just demoted myself from admin to viewer by accident. How can I undo this action?

A: You have to contact another admin on the form and get them to elevate you from viewer to admin. If you were the only admin, send in a support request to Web and Digital Communications and we will promote you.

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