Managing Your Form Submissions with KaratEmail

While Form Builder allows easy form creation, KaratEmail is the system that captures all of the form submissions and stores them in a database. When you log in to KaratEmail, you will be taken to the landing screen, which displays a list of all your forms.


Authenticated Users

By clicking "Show" you will be able to view a list of users that can access the form.



This is the name you titled your form in Form Builder.


Form Location

A link will tell you the location of your form, and what web page it has been placed on.



This shows you the status of your form submissions, including the number received as well as whether or not they have been read.


Last Submission

Here you will see the date of the last submission.


Managing Your Submissions

To manage your form submissions, begin by clicking the lefthand View Form button.

You will be taken to a form viewing screen.

From the Viewing screen you will be able to view each submission, email yourself a copy of the response, delete a submission, and export submissions to a spreadsheet.


Viewing a Submission

To view a submission simply click the left-most View button. 

Once you have viewed the response you can mark it as read by clicking the Read icon.

You may mark a group of submissions as read by ticking the select box to the left on each submission and marking the selection as read.

Using Submissions

There are two ways to use submissions with KaratEmail.

  1. Email Individual Responses

    By clicking the Email icon you will be able to email yourself submissions.

    Please note that you can only email yourself unread responses. If you have marked an item and read but want to email it, please mark it as unread then proceed.

  2. Export Responses to a Spreadsheet

    By clicking Export to Spreadsheet you will be able to send either all submissions or only those unread to a Microsoft Excel CSV File.

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