How do I add an image from the COPE Image Manager to another COPE tool such as the Calendar?

The COPE system allows you to use images uploaded to the Image Manager across all other COPE tools. First upload the image to the Image Manager then log in to the COPE tool you wish to use.


  1. Upload your image to the Image Manager. For help with this, visit How do I add an image to the Image Manager?
  2. Log in to COPE.
  3. From the main navigation bar click the dropdown arrow and select the tool you wish to access. It may be Calendar, News, or Assets, for example.

  4. Navigate to the form or media section for the application you are using. This may require you to create a new event or article (if you are using the Calendar or News applications, respectively), or you may need to locate one you have already created but wish to add an image to.
  5. Click Add Image from Library.

  6. You will be able to insert one or more images uploaded to your Image Manager, and if you are in an MSU group, you will also be able to add images uploaded by your group members.
  7. Once you have made your selection, the images will be listed. Be sure to select the Primary image you wish to be featured.

  8. Make any further changes or additions to your event, article, or item, and then be sure to Save Changes. 


Note that you will have access to COPE applications based on your user need. Basic users automatically have access to the Calendar, RSVP System, and Image Manager. If you need access to other COPE tools, please submit a request.

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