How do I edit my appointment availability with the Appointment Scheduler?

You can make changes to your appointment availability on individual or multiple days.


To delete appointment times on a single day:

  1. From the main screen, use the calendar to select the day you need to make changes to.
  2. Click on the Open status option for the time you need to delete.

  1. Click on Delete Appointment.


If there are students scheduled for the times you wish to delete, visit How do I cancel an appointment?


To make changes to multiple days:

    1. From the main navigation bar, click the menu item Set Your Availability.
    2. Use the calendar to select the days you wish to make changes to.
    3. To simply change appointment parameters (location, length, or times) follow the same instructions as if you are setting your availability on those days for the first time: enter the location, set appointment length, select appointment times, and click Update Schedule.

    4. Alternatively, you may delete appointment times from those days by clicking Delete Selected.


If there are students scheduled for those appointment times you have deleted and you need to make a cancellation, visit How do I cancel an appointment?.

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