Creating a COPE Calendar Event: What are the Event Details and how are they used?

When you create an event or announcement, you will be asked to include the event title, short title, summary, short summary, and description. Each of these fields will be used on the MSU website, applied under the appropriate space or viewing experience requirements.


  • Event Title is the full title of your event.
  • Short Title is a simpler title of your event, used on the website when a short title is needed.
  • Summary is a one- to two-sentence description of your event, shown on the calendar homepage with the event.
  • Short Summary is a one-sentence summary of your event, used on the website when a short summary is needed.
  • Complete Description is the remaining information you wish to include about your event.


Note if your Title and Summary are short, you may use them to complete multiple fields. For example, your short summary may be suitable for your Summary, Short Summary, and Description.

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