Creating a COPE Calendar Event: How do I add an image to an event or MSU Today announcement?

You can easily add an image to be displayed with your event.


    1. As you create your event, look for the Media section of the Create New Event form.

    2. If you are adding a new image that you have not used on the COPE system, click Upload & Crop New Image. Otherwise, click Add Image From Library and select your image. If this is the case, please jump to Step 12.
    3. Once you have clicked Upload & Crop New Image, you will be redirected to a new form to upload the image. Take note of the image requirements before uploading a file.

    4. Click Add Image File and browse for your image.
    5. Once you have selected your image, fill in the Image Details, including the alternate text, captions, copyright, and byline as applicable.

      Alt Text: 
      A clear description of your image, accessible to screen readers.

      The message you would like your image to convey to users, or more information about the image itself.

      Usage rights (optional)

      Photo credit (optional)

    6. Once you have uploaded the image, you will be asked to select the size and crop of the image. To customize your image crop, zoom and pan the image as desired using the arrows and plus/minus.

    7. Be sure to click Create Images.
    8. Close the dialogue box.
    9. If you wish to add more images, repeat steps 1 through 8 at this time.
    10. Returning to the Create New Event form, look for the Media section.
    11. Click Add Image From Library and select your image or images. 
    12. Images will now be listed on the Create New Event form. Once approved, your primary image will appear with the event title on the calendar homepage while remaining information and images will be displayed once a user clicks on the event. If you have added more than one image to your event, be sure to select the Primary Image you wish to be displayed with the event.



You can also embed a video or add a document to your event, or customize your event’s time, apply a tag, or create an RSVP.

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