Creating a COPE Calendar Event: What is a tag?

A tag is a way to categorize your event, and is used to search for events and display them on particular pages of the MSU website. For example, a calendar viewer may filter events based on a particular tag, or an MSU department may display related tags on a departmental webpage.


Here is an example of tags used to filter events from the main MSU Calendar.


Tags are predetermined in the Calendar application, meaning there is a list from which to make your selection. In order to apply a tag, you must begin typing for it to appear.


  1. Under Tags in the Create New Event form begin typing a keyword, topic, or department related to your event.
  2. When the appropriate tag appears, you can click to add it.
  3. You may continue this process, adding as many tags as appropriate.


You can also customize your event’s time, add an image, document, or video, or create an RSVP.

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