How do I resize an image in the COPE Image Manager?

You can easily edit an image and change its crop by logging in to Image Manager.

  1. Log in to COPE.
  2. Click the dropdown arrow in the main navigation bar and select Image Manager.

  3. You will be directed to your image library and will be able to view all images you or your group has uploaded to the Image Manager.
  4. Locate the image you wish to edit.
  5. Click Crop in the left-hand column next to the image you will edit.

  6. Make your appropriate changes to the image using the pan and zoom tools for each image size. This is your chance to select the focal point for the image!
  7. If you only see one image size, check your view setting in the top right-hand corner of the screen. It will probably read Collapsed.

  8. Click Collapsed to change the view setting to Expanded which will display all of your image sizes.

  9. Once you have finished making your edits, be sure to Save Changes by clicking in the upper right-hand corner or at the bottom of the screen.

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