COPE Page Curator FAQ: Why does an image from a bucket appear incorrectly on my web page?

An item may appear incorrectly on your web page after the bucket has been published if the wrong image size has been used. When the Web Team creates your bucket, we will work with you to determine the bucket parameters, such as what image sizes should be used.

On occasion, an item will be created without using all of the image sizes needed. If an item is displaying incorrectly and it appears to be a problem with image size, please edit the item. You may want to refer to these help articles: How do I resize an Image?; What if my image is too small for the size template?

For further help with this problem, please submit a support ticket.


If you would like to add specificity to your bucket — for example if you would like to require a certain image size to be used so that this problem does not accidentally happen again — please submit a request.

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