COPE Calendar FAQ: How do I edit an event?

Content managers and administrators can easily edit events once they are created, however a general user must contact their administrator or request a correction with the Web Team.

As a content manager, you are able to edit any of your own events and request permission to edit your group members’ events. As an administrator, you can edit your own events or your group members’ without requesting permission.

  1. Log in to COPE.
  2. Select Calendar from the main navigation bar.

  3. Locate the event you wish to edit from the list that appears.
  4. Click on the Edit button in the left-hand column.

  5. If you are a content manager and you wish to edit someone else’s event, you may need to Request Editing Access, which will occur if you click on the Edit button in the left-hand column. This request will go to the Web Team for approval and you will be emailed once it has passed.
  6. Once approved, you may return to the event you wish to edit. A green lock will show next to the event’s ID, indicating you have access to edit the event.

  7. Click Edit in the left-hand column and you will be taken to the appropriate edit form.
  8. Be sure to Save Changes when you are finished.
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