What is my COPE RSVP System user status?

There are three types of COPE users and depending upon the user, the RSVP System may vary slightly.


  • Anyone with a NetID is able to sign in as a basic user, and is able to create RSVP events. This is the default user status you will receive when first logging in to the application.
  • A content manager is established as a member of a particular MSU group. In addition to creating his or her own RSVP events like the basic user, a content manager can also view and edit events created by other members of the same group.
  • An administrator oversees a group and is most applicable in the Calendar application.


To request a different user status, to join one of MSU’s groups, or to request a new group, please submit a request. Please include your full name along with each calendar group you would like to be added to, or the full name of the group you would like to be created. You must become a member of a calendar group in order to be a content manager or administrator.


If you would like to grant access to your RSVP event to an individual outside of your group, please visit How do I grant administrator access?

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