How do I personalize the registration form for my RSVP in the COPE RSVP System?

After logging in, you will be able create a fully customizable RSVP event. Does your event have a set number of seats? Would you like to invite attendees to bring guests? Or would you like to ask attendees to bring a certain food dish to share? You can do all of this with the RSVP System.

  1. Log in to COPE using your NetID and password.
  2. Select RSVP System from the main navigation bar.

  3. From the main page, click Create New Event Registration.

  4. Fill in the appropriate fields, noting that the Event Title, Date and Time, and Contact Information are required.
  5. Options you may add to your event include the following:
    • Add a description of your event.

    • Require or strongly encourage registration.

    • Limit the space for your event.

    • Invite registrants to bring guests.

    • Set registration opening and closing dates.

    • Request information like first and last name, email, campus affiliation, or other custom options when a user registers. This is a great place to make requests if a user is to bring something, as you are able to change the type of response from text, yes or no, or multiple choice.

    • Finally, you may customize the notification and confirmation emails you and the registrant will receive.

  6. Be sure to click Submit your Changes when you are finished.
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