How do I add an item to a bucket in the COPE Page Curator?

You can add a variety of items to a bucket, dependent upon the bucket’s parameters. When the Web Team creates your bucket, we will work with you to determine how many items your bucket should hold, as well as what kinds of items it should take.

  1. Log in to COPE.
  2. From the main navigation bar click the dropdown arrow and click Page Curator.

  3. Find your web page or sign in the list that appears. To open it for editing, click Edit.

  4. Click the icon next to the bucket name you wish to edit.

  5. This will open the bucket and lock it to your screen for easy editing.

  6. The tabs in the navigation bar will light up, letting you know what items can be added to your bucket.

    In the image above, the Assets tab is lit up while News and Events are not because the example bucket used here can only take Assets.

  7. Toggle through the tabs to locate the item you would like to add. If the item is not lit up in the list, it cannot be added to the bucket. This would occur if an image is too small or the item is missing information, such as a short headline or summary.

  8. As long as your item is lit up, you may click and drag it from the list into your bucket.

  9. Once you have added items to your bucket, you may rearrange them by clicking and dragging.
  10. Your changes will be automatically saved. However, in order for them to take effect on your live webpage, you must click Publish Bucket.

  11. To close the bucket, click the toggle icon next to the bucket name.

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