COPE Page Curator FAQ: What is a digital sign? Can I get one?

As a partnership between University Communications and University Information Technology (UIT), digital signs may displayed in buildings across campus in order to communicate with specific audiences. The Page Curator is a tool which allows you to manage your digital signs, enabling you to reuse messages and content that you have already created for your web pages.

Once UIT has installed your digital sign, or as they're installing it, get in touch with us and we can get the content portions prepared.

To get started with a digital sign, please consider and prepare:

  1. Name of organization you want as the "title" of your sign. E.g. Parking Services, Department of Mathematical Sciences...
  2. Which template you would like to emulate? Here are a few options:

and submit all as a request to the Web Team.

Note: some signs are solely in the Risevision platform (maintained by UIT) and do not incorporate any of the COPE Page Curator elements maintained by us in Web & Digital. If this is the case, you may either get in touch with UIT about your Risevision sign, or submit a request to the Web Team and ask that we convert your sign to one of ours.

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