How do I create a mail-to link on a web page in the CMS?

When you provide email addresses on your website, it is useful to create a mail-to link. This link will redirect a user to his or her desired email provider, opening a new email already addressed to the email address used in the link.

Creating a mail-to link follows similar steps to creating a regular link.

  1. Open the CMS Editor for the desired editable region.

  2. Select the text you wish to create as a mail-to link. This may be the individual’s name or it might be the actual email address.
  3. Click the Mail-To Link This link only appears when text is selected.

  4. A dialog box will appear prompting you to set the mail-to properties.

  5. Generally, you will just need to fill in the Recipient Email field.
  6. However, if you would like to specify the message that will appear in the subject line you may enter text in the Mail Subject field as well.
  7. When you have finished, click Insert.


To edit or delete the mail-to link, follow the same principles as editing or deleting a regular link:

  1. Open the CMS Editor for the desired editable region.

  2. Select the mail-to link text.
  3. Click the Mail-To Link icon in order to edit.

  4. Click the Break Link icon in order to delete.


If you experience rendering problems once you have made changes to a page visit Why aren't my edits taking effect on the live page?.

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