How do I edit a link on a web page in the CMS?

Once you have inserted a hyperlink on your web page, you can easily make changes or edits.

  1. Open the CMS Editor for the desired editable region.
  2. Select your link’s text.
  3. Click on the link icon from the toolbar.

  4. A dialog window will open with information on your hyperlink.
  5. Make your necessary edits.
  6. Click OK when you have finished.
  7. Once you are finished editing your page, save and publish. If you experience rendering problems visit Why aren't my edits taking effect on the live page?.

Please take care when you highlight your text. In order to edit the link you need to highlight the exact text used to create the hyperlink. If you highlight punctuation or spaces that were not included when the link was created you will be prompted to create a new link instead of edit an existing link.

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