What are the MSU Today guidelines?

MSU Today accepts events and announcements targeted to faculty and staff. Items of interest to students may be submitted to the MSU Calendar as events and will not be used on MSU Today.

In order to be included in MSU Today, items are to be submitted no later than 4 p.m. the business day before the email is sent out.

MSU Today does not accept items from non-MSU entities. Nor does it accept items promoting sales, discounts, coupons or promotions for services of commercial or campus-commercial entities.

MSU Today does accept items promoting MSU-affiliated concerts, lectures, cultural events, and academic presentations produced by MSU students, faculty, and staff. 

Users are reminded that items submitted to MSU Today should be written clearly and provide the essential elements of the message in one or two well-organized paragraphs. Descriptions failing to meet basic English writing standards will be referred to departmental communication associates for editing. MSU Today does not make corrections for grammar, punctuation, spelling, or other errors. The “AP Stylebook” or Strunk & White’s “The Elements of Style” are recommended guides. If these expectations become a common problem with an individual or department, please contact them directly.


These are major categories included in MSU Today:

Announcements appear at the top of the MSU Today email and provide information that does not include a specified time and physical location. Announcements include items such as the deadline to turn in benefits paperwork, the date and time of regularly scheduled maintenance to the campus computing network, and a call for individuals interested in joining an MSU organization. Announcements can also include events that will not be occurring within the next two MSU Today email postings but may require an RSVP. These items should be roughly a paragraph in length. In general, users are directed to construct the announcement description by answering who, what, where, when, and why.

Announcements generally appear just once in the MSU Today email.


Events are activities that will occur at a specified time and location. Events include lectures, concerts, receptions, and exhibit openings that would be of interest to MSU faculty and staff. Events may also include activities that will create a large presence on campus by non-MSU entities.

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