Web Accessibility and Equations or Scientific Notation

If you include mathematical formulas on your web pages it is critical that you also include an alternative form of accessing those equations or scientific notation. This might be in the form of offering an in-person service, whereby you include a clause on the web page inviting the audience to come to your office to go over the formulas together. Alternatively you might include a text-based format for your equations or scientific notation. Users with certain disabilities rely on textual information in order to access page content, as tools such as a screen reader actually read the text out loud. Screen readers and other tools may not recognize elements like sub scripts and super-scripts, or understand the correct flow of an entire equation.

There are certain steps you can take in order to properly tag your equations sond other aiding devices can correctly read your equations. Web & Digital Communications encourages the use of LaTeX. For help writing LaTeX, please visit The LaTeX Project.

Once you have a LaTeX file, it can be embedded on your page using MathJax. For more on MathJax, please visit MathJax Support.

For any help with properly tagging your formulas, please submit a support ticket.

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