Make documents accessible: turn them into webpages

The easiest way to make a PDF, Excel file, Word document, or other document accessible is to convert the content into a webpage and link to the document within this new page as an alternative download.

Converting documents to webpages

The method we use at MSU is converting these documents into an HTML webpage in the CMS, and then offering the PDF as a download alongside the web version of the content. This Help Center article explains the tools within the CMS to use for this conversion.

Web and Digital Communications does not support making PDFs or other documents accessible on their own.

UIT and ATO have been tasked with this, and are currently working on a training + technology solution. If you have questions in the meantime you may submit a UIT Helpdesk ticket at

In the meantime, there is an excellent online course called Creating Accessible PDFs and all MSU faculty, staff and students have access to it via LinkedIn Learning. Adobe also offers a checklist of how to go through a PDF and make it accessible.

Linking to PDFs on your webpages

You can link to your documents using our Accessible Document Classes.

If you are concerned at the amount of PDFs you may currently have linked on your website or about methods to incorporate into your workflow in the future, please submit a websupport ticket and we'll be happy to talk with you about it.

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