What is the Content Management System (CMS)?

MSU’s website is managed through a Content Management System (CMS) that allows individuals — with little knowledge of web programming or development — to create and manage web content with relative ease. MSU uses OU Campus, a system produced by OmniUpdate, in order to provide a CMS for the entire web domain.

Within the CMS there are numerous websites and web pages and everything is stitched together and displayed as a single website under For the purpose of the CMS and web page creation, consider the analogy of writing a book:

  • is the book.
  • College of Agriculture, College of Arts & Architecture, Web & Digital Communications, and other college, department, or group pages (referred to in the CMS as websites) are chapters in the book.
  • The additional pages you create on a college, department, or group site (referred to in the CMS as web pages) are the pages that comprise your book’s chapter.


When you log in to the CMS, it is with an account that is unique to you. This allows each individual to have their own account and be granted access to specific sites and site sections.

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