How do I add a link to my web page in the CMS?

Links are a great way to reference other web pages, as the user is able to click on the text containing the link and then visit the referenced material. Using the link feature in the CMS Editor, you do not need to include the actual URL in the text, but can instead hyperlink.

In the text you might say:

Visit our staff page in order to learn more about our Web Programmers and Developers.

(“Visit our staff page” is a hyperlink to the staff page).

Instead of:

Visit in order to learn more about our Web Programmers and Developers.

Please note when you are writing the text that will hyperlink to a new page, please be cognizant of web accessibility. Your hyperlink text should be clear enough that if you closed your eyes and someone read you the hyperlink text and nothing else, you would have a good idea of where the link would take you.

To add a link:

  1. Open the CMS Editor for the desired editable region.
  2. Select the text you wish to create as a hyperlink.
  3. Click the Link icon.

  4. A dialog box will appear prompting you add a link.

  5. Under the General tab, insert your link URL. You may copy and paste directly from the linked web page if it is outside of the sites you manage, or you may browse for the page if it is under the web pages you administer.
  6. The benefit of browsing for the page is this will create a dependency tag instead of a link, thus if the URL changes for the page you have linked to, the dependency tag will not change and this hyperlink you have created will not be broken.
    When you are browsing for a page, ensure you are working in the Staging environment.

  7. Target allows you to select if the link will open the page over the place of the current page or if it will open up a new tab or window.
  8. Under Title please include a short descriptive phrase about the link.
  9. Once you have finished adding information for your link, click OK.
  10. When you have finished editing your page, save and publish. If you experience rendering problems visit Why aren't my edits taking effect on the live page?.
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