How do I clear the formatting on a section of text in the CMS WYSIWYG Editor?

The WYSIWYG Editor offers a one-click option in order to clear the formatting on a selection of text. This may be useful if you have pasted something into the WYSIWYG Editor and wish to clean up the text, or if you just want to get rid of formatting you have applied.

  1. Open the WYSIWYG Editor for the desired editable region.

  2. Select the text from which you wish to remove the formatting.
  3. Click the Eraser icon to Clear Formatting.

On occasion, there are elements in the code base that will not allow this feature to work. If you have highlighted some text and tried to clear the formatting by clicking on the eraser and this does not work please visit Why am I having problems with formatting in the WYSIWYG Editor?.

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