How do I insert an Image Slider on my page in the CMS?

Would you like to include a series of large images as a scrolling banner at the top of your page? This is called an Image Slider. As a department, program, student group, faculty, staff, or individual, you have the option to insert an Image Slider on your web page. If you would like to insert a static image instead please visit How do I add an Image Banner to my page?.

Web & Digital Communications designs three different types of web pages, two of which can maintain an Image Slider that is installed and managed as an Image Gallery Asset.

If your homepage is classified as a Marketing Page, your Image Slider is managed through COPE. Please visit our COPE documentation for information on Image Sliders for Marketing Pages.

To insert a series of images at the top of your page, you will be using the Image Gallery Asset. Before creating your Asset please visit Using Images on a Web Page.

For further help visit How do I create an Image Gallery Asset? and Preparing an Image for the Web.


To insert an Image Slider:

  1. Ensure your Banner region is turned on by checking out your page and visiting Properties.
  2. Edit the Banner region of your page.

  3. Click the Asset tool.

  4. This will bring up the Asset Browser dialog box. Browse and select your Image Gallery Asset.

  5. Once you have selected your Asset it will be dropped into the CMS Editor.

  6. When you are finished, save the page. The Asset will appear on your web page in the preview mode and as published.
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