Why can’t I log in to the CMS?

Please Note: To be given access to the CMS you must finish the Basic Web Editing and Creating Accessible Web Content courses online.

On occasion, there may be compatibility issues between your web browser and the CMS. Chrome, Firefox, and Safari are the most compatible browsers, however, if you are trying to log in to the CMS through a Direct Edit Link and the browser will not let you log in, you may be experiencing what is called a Skinning Error.

The OU Campus CMS is a system with several different campus accounts. When you log in, it is important to note that the URL indicates you are trying to log in to MSU-Bozeman’s account. Normally, the Direct Edit Link will do this for you, however, on occasion, your web browser may alter this URL. If you try to log in and cannot, check your URL.


Skinning Error


To fix this error:

  1. Return to your webpage and hover over the Direct Edit Link.
  2. Right-click and Copy Link Address.
  3. Paste the URL into the address bar.


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