Using a Snippet in the CMS

Web & Digital Communications has created a number of pre-written elements you can use on your web pages. These elements are called Snippets and because they have been pre-written, you won’t need to worry about HTML code.

Once you have inserted a Snippet into the CMS Editor, you will be viewing the item under development as a table transform. This means it will appear as a table during the editing process and you will be able to input necessary information into the rows and columns. Follow the item-specific instructions as you create your Snippets. Once you have saved and are previewing your web page, the table will transform into the specific item you wish to create, such as a video, image with caption, or otherwise.

Please follow this basic information for using a Snippet, but also view the item-specific documentation in the Help Center for more detailed information.

Note: In most cases, if you intend to add content to your web page in addition to what is covered in the Snippet, it is best to add it before inserting the Snippet content.

  1. Open the CMS Editor, typically in the Main Content Region.

  2. Click the Snippet icon.

  3. You will be able to use the Snippet dialog box to select the kind of Snippet you would like to use.

  4. After inserting your Snippet, you will be able to edit the content.


For more on using a Snippet, please visit Interacting with CMS Snippets: Adding, inputting, deleting.

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