Video and audio - transcripts, audio descriptions and captions

Some portion of your audience may experience auditory disabilities. Montana State University must meet WCAG 2.0 AA standards, which include at least transcripts, and sometimes audio description. If you are using video and audio on your site, there are several options to consider:

Create a Transcript

You must at least have a transcript for audio or video posted on This is the only way to make video or audio content accessible to someone who is both deaf and/or blind. This transcript can then be converted into Braille, or read by a screen reader or visually read.

Add Audio Descriptions

An audio description is a recording of a person explaining a video's visual aspects, which are not indicated in the video's original dialog or narration. These can be required for WCAG 2.0 AA standards if there is visual imagery important to the video which is not referred to in the audio.

Add Closed Captioning

YouTube and Vimeo offer subtitle or closed caption options which can be accessed under settings once the video is playing. This sync the text and enhance the viewing for the deaf.

Submit a support ticket below with questions. If you are looking for a captioning/transcription service, Visual Media currently uses CaptionSync. You may setup an account with them with your unit.


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