My CMS edits are not showing up on the live page!

Remember that the CMS is comprised of two web servers. The Staging Server is for all of your working copies, while the Production Server is public-facing. 

If you have made changes to an existing web page and the live copy is not rendering your changes, there may be several reasons.

First, ensure you have published the page after making your changes, and allow your browser a few minutes to make the necessary updates. For help with this visit How do I publish a web page?.

If you have successfully published your page, given your browser time to reload, and you are still experiencing problems, it is likely your browser has cached the page. A web cache is temporary storage of web pages and images. Essentially your browser downloads information from web pages you have visited in order to load the page quickly should you revisit. This temporary storage is cleared every time you shut down your computer.


There are several steps you can take to override the cached information.

  1. If you are using Safari or Firefox use the keyboard shortcut ctrl + r to force your page to reload. You may need to try this several times. If you are using Chrome you can click ctrl + shift + r.
  2. If the force reload does not work, try republishing the page and then forcing a reload for a second time.
  3. If republishing and reloading continues to not work, try opening a different web browser. Copy the live page's URL (located in the old browser's address bar) into the address bar on the newly opened web browser.
  4. You can also try clearing your browser's cache. Check out our instructional page if you don't know how to do that.
  5. If steps 1 through 4 are still not working, the best way to see your newly made edits is to reboot your computer. Restart your computer then open the live page and your changes should be visible, as the browser's cached information has been erased.
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