How do I add documents to my web page in the CMS?

While this article will help you insert documents into your web page, you may need to convert the document into a web page offer the document as an alternative download. Learn more about making documents accessible.

The first step to using documents on your web page is to upload the files to the site. For help with this please visit How do I upload documents to be used on my website?.

Once you have uploaded and published your files, you can link to your documents using our Accessible Document Snippet, provided you have

  • made the document to meet or exceed WCAG 2.0 AA document standards on its own,
  • included the contents of the document in the web page, meeting accessibility standards,
  • or, the document was last updated before the legacy date of June 1, 2014 and does not need to be made compliant. (Unless the content is requested to be compliant or is updated after the June 1, 2014 date.)

Find out how to use our Accessible Document Snippet.

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