JustEdit: a better way to edit content on your website

The JustEdit interface follows the same principles as the previous Classic CMS editor, with editing done on a per-region basis, but with updated tools and new in-context editing.

Select a Region to Edit


In the Edit view on a page, select the green Content Region you wish to edit. In this example, we'll look at the Main Content Region of this page.

In-Context Editing


Providing a clear view of your surrounding editing context, JustEdit makes it easier to tell where in the page your are editing and what the surrounding elements look like, without having to have another tab or window open in your browser to view them.

Maximize Content Region


While in context editing is helpful for a better understanding of where your current edits fit within the broader view of the page, you can still increase the editing pane if this makes it easier for tasks like editing snippets.

Toolbar Changes

For the most part, the toolbars remain the same in terms of function, with some upgraded interfaces for things such as bullet points and numbered lists. For the most part, the visual changes are simply to the style of the icons, but some have different icons entirely and there are also some items which have been removed or changed.

First Row


  1. The "Save As" option is no longer available from the toolbar. In order to make new copies of a page, do so from the content explorer view.
  2. "Exit Without Saving" allows a quick way to close the current content region if you need to avoid saving your recent edits.

Second Row


  1. "Cleanup Messy Code" is now automatic.
  2. "Show/Hide Guidelines/Invisible Elements" is now part of the Table editor (4).
  3. "CodeProtect" is no longer available. Please use Source Assets instead.
  4. "Table" editor provides a better set of tools for tables, replacing the previous table toolbar items.
  5. "Maximize Content Region" allows you to make the JustEdit editing pane for the currently open content region take up nearly the entire viewport. Note that just like the previous classic editing interface, this does not affect the size or placement of the region within the final templated web page, just the editing pane itself.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts are specific to JustEdit.

  • Ctrl (PC)/Cmd (Mac) + S: Save-in-place - saves changes to the staging server, but users will remain inside the editor to continue working.
  • Shift + Enter: Creates a new line break in the current block (as opposed to creating a new paragraph, which makes a new block of text)
  • Shift + Alt + [1-6] (PC)/Control + Alt + [1-6] (Mac): Set headings -  formats currently-selected block as Heading 1-6, respectively
  • Shift + Alt + 7 (PC)/Control + Alt + 7 (Mac): Formats currently-selected block as a <p> (paragraph)
  • Shift + Alt + 8 (PC)/Control + Alt + 8 (Mac): Formats currently-selected block as a <div>
  • Shift + Alt + 9 (PC)/Control + Alt + 9 (Mac): Formats currently-selected block as an <address>]

Many basic common keyboard shortcuts function as expected with JustEdit.

  • Ctrl/Cmd + X: Cut
  • Ctrl/Cmd + C: Copy
  • Ctrl/Cmd + V: Paste
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Z: Undo
  • Ctrl/Cmd + Y: Redo
  • Ctrl/Cmd + B: Bold highlighted text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + U: Underline highlighted text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + I: Italicize highlighted text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + F: Opens the CMS Find and Replace tool.
  • Shift + Arrow Keys: Highlights text character-by-character (if using up/down arrows, highlights by line)
  • Shift + Ctrl/Cmd + Arrow Keys: Highlights text word-by-word (up/down arrows still highlight by line)
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