Converting Folders into Site Sections

Are you having one of these problems?

  1. I can't create another webpage inside this folder, the only option is to "Create Folder!"
  2. I can't create a Site Section in this Site Section for some reason. Help!

This is probably because a "Folder" was created in the CMS instead of a "Site Section." Let's convert it to a Site Section.

Do you know the difference in our CMS between a Site Section and a Folder? There's a handy article here that explains the difference.

If you want a "folder" which you're going to use for webpages, that needs to be created as a Site Section, as the CMS treats those very differently (and gives you the tools you need to create more webpages, etc) than if you create an Folder in the CMS. Folders are used only for organizing documents and images.

Converting the Folder into a Site Section

We'll pretend we're replacing a folder with the name "banner" and turning it into a Site Section.

This all happens in the Content >> Pages (looks like a file system) view in the CMS.

  1. Change the name of the current folder to something else, perhaps "banner-old".
  2. Create a new "Section with Index File" in the same location as the folder, call it "banner" as this will be the new location of your files.
  3. Delete the index.pcf folder within the new "banner" site section.
  4. Navigate into the "banner-old" folder and use the "Move" command (on hover of the file) to move all the files and folders in "banner-old" to the new site section.
    • Do not use the "Copy" command instead, as that will break links going to the pages within.
  5. You may need to change a webpage filename, if you do not have an index.pcf. This would be the landing/home page for this Site Section, as every Site Section needs an index.pcf file.
  6. Make sure "banner-old" is empty and delete it.
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