Remediation Process for Web Accessibility - Phase 1

We would like to start helping you fix web accessibility errors on your websites, beginning in November of 2018. Our "Phase 1" remediation process will look like this:

  1. You receive an email from one of our developers, asking for the go-ahead to start fixing errors.
  2. They will go through your site's content, fix accessibility errors and may slightly modify your content in order to meet the new web accessibility standards.
  3. They will fix any errors where the fixes will cause zero or minimal change to your content,
  4. prompt you to review any fixes that cause significant impact to your content,
  5. and go ahead with fixes if we don't hear from you.
  6. Then, when we are finished, we will let you know so you can do a final review of the website and ask us for any further remediation help you might need.

You will have an opportunity to let us know:

  • if we're OK to proceed,
  • if you have any issues you would like us to attend to right away,
  • if you have pages you would like us to ignore (those you have not yet published), or
  • if you would like us to move you down in the queue and come back later.

At this time we will not be converting or attending to any non-web document errors (PDFs, DOCs, XLS, etc.) as we will do this in Phase 2 of our remediation. However, we ask that you begin removing any documents uploaded to your website that you no longer need. This will help us work with you on our 2nd phase when we assist you in converting the documents to web pages. 

Once we have remediated the bulk of websites on the MSU domain in our first phase, "Phase 2" will begin - here we will address more complicated and time-consuming issues, including converting documents to CMS web pages or directly remediating the documents within Adobe Acrobat. 

Submit a ticket with our team if you have any questions.


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