How do I add an image gallery to my faculty profile?

Your faculty profile page can pull in and display one external image gallery, provided it already exists within MSU's Content Management System (CMS).  Using an image gallery asset in the CMS, these galleries display a matrix of thumbnails to visitors, which expand into full-size images upon clicking.

If you'd like to add an image gallery to your Activity Insight profile page, follow these steps:

  1. You'll need to first create an Image Gallery Asset in the CMS that contains all of your images, then add the created asset to a page on your departmental or personal website, and publish it. 
  2. Make a note of this page's published URL (example: by copying it to your clipboard. 
  3. Log in to your Activity Insight account, and select the Web Profile screen.  Scroll down to locate the "Custom Profile Block" section.
  4. Add a Title (such as "My Gallery") and select a display Location.  Finally, paste the published URL into the Custom Profile Block textbox.  Important:  Ensure the URL is surrounded by double curly braces.


  5. Once you've "Saved" your edits within Activity Insight, your profile page will refresh within 24 hours and include the new gallery.  You can manually refresh your profile page as well to see your changes immediately. 

Any changes you make to your gallery will be pulled into your Activity Insight profile page within 24 hours.

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