Intro to the Accessibility Scanner

Congratulations on completing CMS 115! 

You were probably sent an email stating you had completed the training and the Accessibility Scanner had been added to your account. 

What does that mean?

To use the Accessibility Scanner, you must be in the CMS' Edit mode. The Scanner does not display in Preview mode.


When in Edit mode, you should see a banner below your editing toolbar that will help guide you to make your webpage more accessible. 

Website without Errors 


If you do NOT see the below banner on your website then that means, for the moment, you are error-free.


Website with Errors


A quick break down of what you're seeing in the Accessibility Scanner banner:

1. This tells you how many tasks you have that need attention.  

2. This lets you know your most repeated error.

3-4. Tasks needing to be done and the ability to see ALL tasks needing to be completed.

5. This will take you to the Help Center if you're needing more information.


Breakdown of an Error

There are many different errors a webpage can have but they all WORK the same in resolving them.

An error on your webpage might look like this:




This is an example of the most common error on a webpage.  This type of link (click here/read more/follow this link) to more information on a topic isn't accessible.

The error will be highlighted and a red button with a drop down arrow will be associated with it.  




Click the red button so that a tooltip will pop up to help you even further with your error.  The tooltip will tell you the following:

  1. The error
  2. Tell you what needs to be done
  3. Link to help documentation on how to resolve the error
  4. A Next Task button to go to the next task.


Resolving an Error

Once you have resolved your task the highlighted error will disappear.  If you are stuck on how to resolve your task use the tooltip for help documentation.  

If you are still unsure what needs to be done to resolve your task then please submit a ticket to us!

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