How can I make sure web support tickets end up in my email and not in my junk/spam folder?

Our Outlook accounts at MSU have a Safe Senders list and you can add to it so you will always receive our web support emails.

  1. Login to the web interface of your MSU Outlook email account:
  2. Open the Settings sprocket in the upper-right side of the window (see: figure 1) and at the bottom of the pane that opens, click "View All Outlook Settings".
  3. Click the "Mail" selection in the far-left Settings menu (see: figure 2).
  4. In the next menu over that appears, click "Junk email"
  5. In the Junk Email window scroll down and "+ Add" in your Safe Senders and Domain list.

And you should be all set!

If this does not solve your issue and our web support emails are still ending up in your Junk folder, you will need to contact UIT at as they manage our email system.

Figure 1.



Figure 2. 


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