How to Use Your Accessibility Report


Finding your Accessibility Report

Your accessibility report can be found after logging into the CMS on your Dashboard.


On the Dashboard, it looks like this:


Click the Open Accessibility Tool... button to view the full report.

Understanding and using your Accessibility Report

The accessibility report is organized a lot like a task list. The Total Errors column tells you how difficult the task is going to be, or how many errors there are on a particular page of the website.

Let's take a look at a piece of a Level-2 task.


One of these errors is a link whose text is not descriptive. The second error is an uncertified PDF document.

The first error indicates that there is a link on the page labeled "Click here" or with some similar non-descriptive text. The second error can be resolved by editing the link to the pdf document and selecting an appropriate option from the 'Class' drop-down menu (e.g., 'Document included as alternative download' if the material in the pdf document is available elsewhere on the website in an accessible format).

You can click on either of these Error Descriptions and be taken to a Help Center article that may help you better understand the error and/or how to resolve it.

The CMS Edit button in the first column will take you to exactly where you need to go to start the task.

Thank you for helping make the web accessible to all, regardless of disability. When you need assistance, let us know via our ticketing system and we'll jump in and help.

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