Form Dashboard in the CMS

Once placed on your web page, your form will be accompanied by the Form Dashboard when you view it in Edit mode. This dashboard provides easy access to the Form Builder or KaratEmail.

About the Form Dashboard

Form Name

The name of your form asset and what will appear in KaratEmail as the subject/name of your form.


You will need to request access to begin receiving form submissions from KaratEmail through your MSU email account. You can do this by following the Request Access link. If you have already been granted access, you can sign into the KaratEmail Control Panel to manage and/or download form submissions.


As described in Creating a Form, you can specify messages that appear once someone has submitted a response. A preview of these messages can be viewed by clicking the "Preview" link on the dashboard toolbar.


KaratEmail will automatically email form submission recipients.


Have questions? Try the Form Builder Help Center or submit a support ticket directly.

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