What skills do I need in order to use the CMS?

The CMS allows individuals with little knowledge of web programming or development to create and manage web content.

However, it is important you are familiar with web browsers and word processors as the CMS uses a word processor much like Microsoft Word. This processor is called the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor. If you are new to word processors or would like to get a refresher, the MSU Library offers professional workshops on a variety of computer topics. Visit the MSU Library Workshops Calendar for a schedule of classes or check out the MSU Library's subscription to Lynda, a suite of training videos covering topics such as Microsoft Office and much more.

University Information Technology (UIT) also offers informational services to faculty and staff, on an array of topics from computer use, NetIDs, email, and more. Visit IT Onboarding for more information.

Prior to accessing the CMS for the first time, you will need to take the introductory training session offered by Web & Digital Communications. This course, CMS 110: Introduction to the CMS, will teach you the skills necessary for interacting with the CMS. 

After taking CMS 110: Introduction to the CMS, our web accessibility course is also required, CMS 115: Creating Accessible MSU Web Content. This is per our legal agreement with the Office for Civil Rights and our current accessibility remediation of

You may also take our web forms training online, CMS 130: Creating a Web Form. This short course will teach you how to use our Form Builder within the CMS and how you can manage the form's submissions.

For more on the CMS and the CMS Trainings, visit Web & Digital Communication's Web Content Management System.

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